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Hosted Business Phone System Platform

Smart business owners 

don't buy phone systems anymore.

Cadence Phone Systems For Smart Businesses

Month-to-Month Packages Starting At $20/Month 

No Minimum Order Required

E-911, Taxes, and Surcharges Not Included

International Calling Billed Separately

Minimum Terms Required For Phone Agreement

*Certain Limitations For Unlimited Calling. Refer To MSA For T&Cs

Connect to the Platform With Your Existing Bandwidth



Single Office

Branch Office

Leap_horizontal logo_Wht.png
Cadence Hosted PBX Platform

Remote Users

Regional Office

Remote Users

Home Office

Getting Started is Simple 







Select your seat types and quantity

Port or create new numbers  and configure your portal

Use your existing bandwidth to start making and taking calls on your new platform

Secure Reliable HD Voice

Over 30 Customizeable Features

Ditch the onsite phone hardware

Port or Create Numbers

IVR/Auto Attendant Greeting System

Intelligent Call Routing 

Use Your Existing Internet Bandwidth

Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Voicemail to Email

Detailed Call Reporting

Online Bill Pay

Include new Polycom IP Phones for a low monthly operational expense

The Cadence Hosted Phone System is designed for businesses from 5 to 10,000

Your business doesn't have the time to waste maintaining cumbersome voice services, especially when technology is evolving so quickly. You need a partner that will adapt to your needs while staying ahead of technology trends, always providing competitive features, service and rates.


Our Cadence Hosted PBX is capable of working with small and mid-sized businesses in any industry. The intuitive platform makes it easy to set up business calling, regardless of technological proficiency. Plus, our customer service agents are always available to answer your questions. This allows your business to save money while focusing on its customers.


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