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8 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted PBX

PBX is an abbreviation of Public Branch Exchange and is just another legacy acronym that remains in use, mainly because a lot of businesses associate PBX with phone systems. A cloud-based PBX offers many advantages.

Advanced calling features

A cloud-based PBX phone system offers remote access to advanced features including:

· Voice messaging

· Phone directory

· Office hours

· Call transfer

· Music when on hold

· Call queuing

· Instant call control

· Auto-attendant/IVR

· Call recording

· Call transfer

· Parking information

You can have an all-inclusive unified communication suite with seamless inter connectivity between presence, voicemail, email, and active directory integration video and more.

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to a Cloud-Hosted PBX, you can choose phone numbers from almost any country on the planet. You can move your phone systems to another country, city, or any other location by disconnecting and connecting to the new location's new internet connection. This way, you can have a local number for every geographic area you service that will ring a call center in another state/country, based on time zone and cost considerations. The company delivers exceptional customer service, and the customer gains satisfaction knowing that the business is local.

Ensure Business Continuity

If a natural disaster comes up, some businesses can still operate offline. However, if what if a customer is a healthcare company with critical tasks and high call volumes? If the on-site PBX goes down, the business will also go down as a result. In contrast, a cloud-based PBX provider can offer reliability, uptime guarantees, and redundancy that simply can't match on-site.

Fewer Things to Break

In addition, offering maintenance repairs to the back end equipment won’t be your concern. This will be the responsibility of the company hosting the phone system.

Great for Remote Workers

A single phone system can tie together a geographically diverse workforce. Customers won't know if you're talking from the office or your home. Your employees can work from anywhere in the US or overseas, offering flexibility to work remotely. If your important employees are moving overseas, they can still work with you via a cloud-based PBX using a VPN connection and an IP phone. All you need is a good internet connection, and nobody will notice the change in their location.

Lower Hardware and Service Costs

Using a cloud-hosted PBC phone system, your business is granted the flexibility to offer IP soft phones on PCs and have employees use their cellphones in the field. This eliminates the need to put a physical phone on each desk, lowering the initial costs dramatically.

Unlimited Scalability

As your business expands, changing the number of your users won’t be a concern. A cloud-based PBX comes with the ability to add/remove lines in minutes and be charged only for what’s being used. All of this will be done without having expensive phones sitting on empty desks and paying for idle circuits, as is the case with on-site PBX.

Voice Quality

Over time, the quality of digital voice service has increased. As cloud-hosted PBX systems use digital phone systems, calls have become quite clear.

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