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Removing Disconnected Processes

The third disconnect within contact center operations is Disconnected Processes. Organizations separate front and back office operations as a function of the business and the goal, in theory, is to better serve the customer. Many times, these departmental processes and workflows create a silo effect which leads to a lack of communication and teamwork throughout the business.

From a contact center perspective, siloed operations affect the customer journey. Take this typical contact center inquiry. A customer calls into the agent. The agent verifies the customer to the account and then says, “Hold while I transfer you to that department.” A transfer later, the new agent asks the customer to verify the account information again. This type of broken process is the tipping point of customer dissatisfaction as an Accenture research report shows that when multiple agents are involved, 89% of customers become frustrated when they are forced to repeat issues and information.

The fact is that many businesses have setup their front and back offices to live in different environments. Unfortunately, while this might work functionally for a company to operate, it doesn’t meet customer expectations, and negatively impacts both brand loyalty and the business’ bottom line.

A Salesforce survey showed that 70% of customers say connected processes, such as seamless handoff or contextualized engagement based on previous interactions, is very important to winning their business. However, closed lines of communication between departments is a significant barrier for contact center operations to deliver this experience. But does it need to be an issue?

Free flow of information

Many contact centers still rely on outdated processes which leave valuable customer data scattered in multiple applications and systems throughout the organization (Disconnected Data article). Combine this with multiple touchpoints (Disconnected Interactions article), and associated customer information is not only locked up in a specific department but with a specific channel.

To break this silo effect, contact center operations must utilize intelligent tools available within CCaaS platforms. The use of AI and machine learning to integrate back-office systems and automate processes can deliver visibility into customer data wherever it might lie and present such information in a meaningful manner. This empowers agents with the right information at the right time to handle all types of inquiries and required resolutions, even cross-department.

Disconnected Processes is a self-made problem within organizations and a burden to the customer experience. However, if the barriers to siloed information are removed, agents can become more efficient and effective in meeting customer expectations.

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