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Built from the ground up by voice engineers

About Leap

Trusted Reliable Services

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15 Years of Growth & Innovation


Denver   Dallas    Manila

Corporate Offices

  • Over a Decade Over Business Voice Excellence

  • Privately Owned Nationwide CLEC Provider

  • Organically Built & Maintained Voice Software Platform

  • Best-In-Class Network Infrastructure

  • 24x7x365 US Based Support Center

Private  Secure  Redundant  Reliable  Scalable


24/7 Customer Service

Our US  based customer support center is available 24 hours / 7 days a week

Live agents answer every call

Tickets responded to within minutes

Live technical support to assist troubleshooting

Contact Help@Leap.Tel Anytime

100% Uptime 

Our global IP network offers 100% uptime

Multiple redundant Network Operation Centers

No single points of failure

Industry Leading SLAs

99.99% Packet Delivery

<50ms Round Trip Latency

<0.05ms Jitter

4.3+ MOS Call Quality Scores

Secure & Redundant

We built this platform with your customers and your communication in mind.  We take extra precautions and constant testing to ensure your communications stay secure and available at all times.

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